Saturday, December 5, 2009

Welcome to my 1971 football cards blog!

Welcome to my new 1971 football card blog. I collected football cards in 1967 and 1968, but not in '69 or '70. In 1971, I jumped back into collecting. (You can read my football card back-story here on my 1967 football card blog.)

The 1971 card set consisted of 261 player cards and 2 checklists. This works out to 10 players for each of the 26 teams. The NFC cards have blue borders, while the AFC cards have red borders. There are no "special" cards in this set, but some of the players are designated as all-stars, and have half-red/half-blue borders.

In each post, I will include all the players for one team. I will not be scanning the card backs, but in this introductory post, I am including a sample card back, and the checklists.

Here you can see that back in 1971, I collected all the cards except #21 Charlie Smith, a running back for the Raiders. I got that card last week, so my set is complete!

All player card backs have this same layout, except that linemen don't have a stat chart (unless they happened to run back a fumble for a touchdown!)

First up: The Dallas Cowboys

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