Sunday, January 17, 2010

San Diego Chargers

Here are the 10 cards for the 1971 San Diego Chargers. (Actually, 3 of these players were already off the team by the time the cards came out.) Unlike the 3 teams already posted, there are no all-stars in this bunch. After all, it is 1971 and it is the Chargers!

#255 John Hadl - Hadl has been with the Chargers since 1962, and was the starting QB for all those seasons except 1963, when Tobin Rote led the team. After 1972, Hadl moved on to the Rams, Packers, and Oilers, retiring after the 1974 season. He was the last QB to wear a number higher than #19, wearing #21 for his entire career except while at Green Bay.

#66 Marty Domres - A rookie in 1969, Domres was being groomed as Hadl's eventual replacement, but was traded to the Baltimore Colts before the 1972 season for Johnny Unitas.

#119 Mike Garrett - Garrett was a star with the Chiefs for his first 4 seasons, before being traded to the Chargers during the 1970 season. He played for the Chargers until retiring after the 1973 season.

#229 Dickie Post - Post was a Chargers' rookie in 1967, and led the AFL in rushing in 1969 with 873 yards. His production dropped in 1970, when Mike Garrett joined the team and took carries away from Post. Although appearing on the card as a Charger, he played for the Oilers and Broncos (not the Chargers) in 1971.

#10 Lance Alworth - After a promising rookie season in 1962, Alworth became one of the top receivers in the AFL from 1963 onward. He led the league in receiving TDs from 1964-66, and in receiving yards in '65, '66, and '68. Before this 1971 season, he was traded to the Dallas Cowboys (replacing the departed Lance Rentzel) where he helped get them to Super Bowl VI.

#172 Gary Garrison - Gary played for the Chargers from 1966 to 1976, before finishing up his career with the Oilers in 1977. He made the Pro Bowl 4 times.

#201 Mike Mercer - Mercer didn't play during the 1971 season, but had kicked for 6 teams in a 10-year career spanning 1961 to 1970 (Vikings, Raiders, Chiefs, Bills, Packers, and Chargers). He also punted for the Vikings and Chiefs, and was the Chargers backup punter in 1970.

#92 Steve DeLong - The Chargers' 1st-round pick in 1965, he played on their defensive line through the 1971 season, and finished up with the Bears in 1972.

#42 Rick Redman - Rick played his entire career (1965-73) with the Chargers. Early on, he was their middle linebacker before moving outside beginning in 1971. He was also the Chargers' punter from 1965 to 1967.

#148 Speedy Duncan - As you may guess from his name, Speedy was a kick and punt returner for his entire career (1964-74). He was also the Charger's right cornerback from 1964 to 1969. From 1970 until the end of his career, he was primarily a return specialist. He played for the Washington Redskins for his last 4 seasons, including in Super Bowl VII.

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